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Exclusive Cars and bikes

Looking for that special kind of Mercedes, Aston Martin, Porsche, Harley Davidson or anything on wheels, but can't find it for a good price?

A safe, long-term, way to invest is collecting assets. For example old collectible cars and motorcycles. Or even new cars.

Because a muscle car is much cheaper in the USA and a Mercedes is much cheaper in Germany, there are some hurdles to overcome, to get the best deal and get it safely to your home. With our trusted international car shipping agency and car/motorcycle specialist, you can receive every type of vehicle anywhere in the world safely.

In our network database, we are sure we can find almost any type of vehicle you desire.

We offer the full package; from the wish to receiving the key at your location.


Some examples of what we shipped so far:

12x various Harley Davidson bikes

2014 Mercedes Sl55 AMG

2003 Porsche 911 convertible 

2x 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible

1929 Mercedes SSK