A new financial era has come

About us

In 2007 we started as Real Estate Hunting, working for investment groups.

Looking for properties to flip, rebuild or to rent out entire buildings. Since helping people and solving problems is in our nature, it was only a natural step to expand into our current business. Interest rates at traditional banks are lower than ever, there should be a new provider of good interest rates. Let that be us. With an eco-friendly portfolio, there is enough for everyone. We don't trade stocks or bonds. Only solid longterm investments or very good ROI short-term.

When in late 2008, early 2009 the economy crashed and the financial markets started changing, we saw new opportunities. Real estate prices dropped like crazy, so it was time to buy more but also expand our services. In the meantime cryptocurrency (bitcoin) slowly starts to make it's way up to the public. Blockchain and decentralized economy caught our attention immediately. This is what "the normal people" need. Privacy, unregulated, decentralized is the future we all need.

So we created the solution. Providing all possible services and transparent portfolios with 20-40% interest a year. And this is no joke! Our crypto trading department makes short, daily, trades and combining this with real estate for the longer term and security.


Our core business is making money for you.